Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tackling weight loss the natural way

It is now known that Britain is slowly becoming an obese nation. Not only are we increasing our waistlines but we also are increasingly willing to go to desperate measures to lose the pounds such as having weight loss surgery. The Government is increasingly giving us warnings of the risks associated with obesity such as an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, Cancer, and diabetes.

Obesity occurs when we do not obtain the right balanced diet and the right amount of exercise in our day to day lives. Many people believe that obesity isn’t a medical condition, but how can it not be when you are at risk from conditions such as heart disease? Obesity is a killer, and the UK doesn’t seem to be taking its weight problem seriously.

The Telegraph reported that a new diet pill can apparently tackle obesity, and has health campaigners claiming it’s a breakthrough in our obesity crisis. This new one a day pill helps to stop food cravings that usually cause people to over eat. But are drugs the way to help stop obesity in the UK? This new ‘wonder pill’ apparently does exactly the same as natural supplements can do so why aren’t we trying them?

A study in the Journal of Public Health noted that weight loss surgery rose by 600 per cent in America between 1998 and 2002. Is this what will happen to Britain? And do we need to go to these lengths to achieve our ideal weight?

There is anther way to lose weight and this is by taking natural supplements. Many people tend to be sceptical about natural remedies to help with health issues such as losing weight, but surprisingly these natural herbs and minerals have had many clinical trials completed on them. These trials have proven their effectiveness at helping people to lose weight, and the best bit is, that they are completely natural, and usually hold very little or no side effects.

Hoodia Cactus is one of the most popular supplements to have hit the shelves for weight loss. It could help you to avoid the diets which can be not only hard to keep up, but also dangerous for your body, as well as risking life threatening surgery. Trials have shown that the Hoodia Cactus has the ability to fool the brain into thinking it is full; this then stops your hunger cravings. Many trials have shown how effective Hoodia can be, it has shown to decrease calorie intake by up to 2000 calories in obese people. Also it has been used to stop hunger cravings by the San Bushmen for centuries.

There is also many other natural supplements which can help such as, Grapefruit Pectin, CLA, Lecithin, Phase 2, and Apple cider vinegar. Trials have suggested that these too can also help you to lose weight. People who have tried everything should consider trying natural supplements, before considering drastic methods such as surgery, as trials suggest that most people will benefit from them greatly. To help you look good this summer natural supplements are the way to go, with no hard diets to stick by, and no risky surgery to go through.


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